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Welcome! At Math Doctor, we are committed to student success. Our tutors teach strategies and give students the tools they need to master the concepts. We help students attain a firm understanding of the foundational theory behind the procedures that they are learning. When students understand the reason for following certain steps in a process, then they are more likely to understand the concept and retain the information for future use. Most students will notice positive results in just a few sessions.

Tutoring sessions are held in the Math Doctor learning center. Our center is set up to accommodate individual tutoring, as well as group tutoring sessions. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. We are flexible to fit the special needs of a student, upon request. Small tables are available for the one-on-one attention from qualified personal tutors. Conference tables are available for group sessions. There is a waiting area for parents who choose to wait.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you suffer from math anxiety, would you like help preparing for standardized testing in mathematics, or do you have a math instructor who is just not able to get some really important concepts across to you in class? Having known Dr. Cheryl Avila, the founder of MathDoctor, for many years, I have seen her help a multitude of students including myself with mathematics using engaging and innovative approaches. Her grasp of both the underlying concepts of mathematics and her experience in the classroom make her uniquely qualified to help others. If you just need help understanding basic algebraic equations, want a better understanding of Probability and Statistics, are curious about Game Theory applications, or may need a more in depth understanding of Calculus for advanced studies then MathDoctor should be your first choice!

    Karl A. Morton,

What is the cost of tutoring at Math Doctor?

We have a few different options depending on your tutoring needs. Generally, the price runs from $25 – $50 per hour.

Can you work around my child’s activities?

Yes. We are at the learning center at 5070 Minton Rd NW, Palm Bay on Monday – Thursday 3-8pm and Saturday 9am – 4pm, but on Fridays it is by appointment.

Do you just tutor math?

No. Although our specialty is mathematics, we can tutor other subjects as well. We have subject area experts that we can contact if you have tutoring needs other than math.

Do you guarantee my child will get an A in math?

No. We can not guarantee a specific letter grade as a result of our tutoring service. What we can guarantee is that our highly trained tutors will do their best to get to know your student and explain the concepts and procedures in a manner that makes the mathematics relevant and relatable. We believe that with this increased understanding, the letter grade in their math class will improve.

What if my child’s learning style is not compatible with the tutor’s teaching style?

Finding a tutor can be like finding a medical doctor in the sense that sometimes it is just not a good fit. We understand that. Before we start tutoring, we would like to take some time to sit down and talk with the individual that would be tutored. This allows both the tutor and tutoree the opportunity to see if they are going to be able to work together.